Create and Distribute Apps through the Mac App Store with Titanium Desktop SDK 1.2 Release Candidate 1

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Titanium Desktop SDK 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available, providing developers with the ability to create Titanium-based apps for distribution through Apple’s Mac App Store. A guide for the Mac App Store submission can be found here.

Additional features in the release include:
* JavaScript source code minification and obfuscation through use of Google Closure Tools.
* Support for the latest WebKit software on Mac OS and Linux, providing a consistent user experience across desktop deployment platforms.
* Quality improvements and bug fixes across Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Read the Release Notes for details on all new features and improvements.

Download and Installation

Download Links for Titanium Desktop SDK 1.2.0 Release Candidate 1:
* Windows
* Mac OS X
* Linux 32-bit
* Linux 64-bit

You may download the related API Documentation here.

To install, you’ll want to download the appropriate distribution above and then extract into your Titanium directory.

For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or~/Library/Appcelerator Support/Titanium..

On Linux ~/.titanium.

On Windows Vista/7 C:ProgramDataTitanium and on Windows XP C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataTitanium

Once you locate your Titanium directory, extract the zip file into this directory. The zip file will expand the contents and create/overlay some new directories for 1.2.0-RC1.

NOTE for OSX users who use Safari to download: Safari by default will auto uncompress your downloads, how handy. However, if you have a directory named desktopsdk, your extracted directory will be renamed.

Now, you’ll need to restart Titanium Developer to pick up the new release. Once restarted, remember to change your application SDK version and then click the ‘Save’ button.

You should now be able to test with the release candidate software.


  1. Cool, will Ruby 1.9.2 support finally come on Windows and Linux (maybe even Mac Leopard)? The different MRI versions listed on the dev guide is confusing me. This will also save a lot of time when bundling rubygems with my app; some only work with certain versions

  2. Good news for something which i have felt is long overdue, will this final have any of the following features us desktop developers need?

    Encryption and Passwords for local database.
    Printing API.
    built in PDF viewer (chromes?).
    .NET/Mono C# API with documentation
    C+ Kroll documentation

    As someone who is currently having to place projects on the back burner because functionality doesn’t exist I consider the .NET API and c+ kroll documentation the most important as nearly every issue can be resolved through them in some way.

  3. I think embedding python code fails now.

    I ran a basic sample with the new embedding method and it doesn’t seem to work.

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