Developer Center Q&A: New Feature

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Last week we added a new feature to the Community Questions & Answers section of Developer Center. Community members can now subscribe to individual questions and receive email notifications when new comments and/or potential answers are added. Within the detail page of each question you will see a new subscribe option like in the screenshot show below:

Subscribe to Question

Once subscribed to a question the “Subscribe” option will turn into an “Unsubscribe” option. When creating a new question the author is automatically subscribed to future comments & potential answers.

Users can see a list of all the questions they are currently subscribed to by visiting their “My Q&A” page.

Questions Subscribed

Hopefully this makes following important topics even easier. If there are other features you would like to see added to Developer Center please let us know.


  1. To be perfectly honest, if you want the Community Q&A to actually turn into something… ditching the current Markdown-based code is the only way to go

    right now with only 10 “newest” items on the front page, *most* questions get buried way too quickly, and the fact there are no categories right off the bat/main-links means that stuff gets buried all that much faster

    I don’t understand the reluctance to actually roll in an actual piece of forum software, one that makes it easy to annotate the post (Markdown sucks), post code, and track topics…

    If you want us users to help other users, you need to make it a better experience to do so… there isn’t one fellow Titanium user I’ve talked to that has anything good to say about the current structure/code

  2. I agree that there could be easier ways to find your way into the Q&A section, I usually create a search in Google with “appcelerator -my keywords-”

    For the markdown thing, that doesn’t bother me.

    And I don’t agree with software, the best documentations and Q&A I ever seen were always webpages, no need to get used to some kind of custom UI, you just use your browser as usual.

  3. I would have to agree with Stephen. Although being able to follow a question is nice, I would prefer something like vBulletin to replace the entire thing. It would make topics much easier to follow, and more questions to be seen (and answered).

  4. I also agree with Stephen. Unfortunately it feels some what hard to keep track and browse stuff.

    It would be great with a more traditional forum based solution or atleast more sorting options with categories.

    Maybe some sort of classic e-commerce feature “if you found this interesting then you might be interested in these topics..” so that if you land on a question on say XHR then you will be exposed to more questions about that. Maybe also ranked on if the simular questions are solved or not. That way it would be possible to find more solutions with clicking instead of thinking of search words..

  5. I’ll second the opinions of Stephen and John here, a proper forum replacement would be very welcome in my opinion. As a fairly fresh Titanium user it`s difficult at best to find the information i seek in here, it’s like bingo.. click around aimlessly and *hope* you’ll come over something thats of relevance to what you’re seeking.

    Something along the lines of vBulletin is the only way to go if you ask me. That is – a decent piece of forum software, with real categories and discussion-threads.

  6. I think the subscriptions helps… but I am use to StackOverflow and it is just a better user experience for tracking questions and comments that you have responded to… Setting up tags so it is easier to find topics you are interested in.

    BUT this is still an improvement over the way it was before, my only suggest is that you are subscribed by default and you have to turn it off if you done want the notification

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