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We’re pleased to announce brand new updates and features to our Developer Center specifically the new DevLink feature and the revamped community Q&A.

DevLink (BETA)*

Recently we released an update to the developer profile portal page. This update adds a new set of optional attributes to each developer’s profile.

There are two driving forces behind the change. First of all, we’d like to understand more about our developers so that we can best meet the needs of our growing community; your backgrounds, skills, interests, etc. Secondly, we would like to help our developers gain visibility in the competitive mobile development market. We often come into contact with companies looking for talented Titanium developers with a variety of skills. Our goal is to create a means by which developers can promote their skills and offerings and give others a mechanism to discover them.

To take advantage of getting listed in DevLink you’ll need to head over to your profile page and complete enough fields to get to 60% profile completeness.

You’ll also need to check the option List in DevLink.

Developer Love

It doesn’t take many fields to get to 60% profile completeness. Do note that if you’re interested in getting contract Titanium work you’ll probably want to fill out most of the optional fields as well so that a potential employer can get a basic idea as to your experience and skill set.

You might also be wondering how the default sort works for those individuals listed in DevLink. What we’re willing to tell you is that every developer has a unique developer score (that isn’t shown externally). This unique developer score is generated nightly and is a combination of a couple of different variables.

  • Titan (Y/N)
  • Certified (Y/N)
  • Q&A Score
  • The recency of Q&A Activity

In other words, you can impact where you’re listed in DevLink by joining the Titans Program, by getting Certified, and by being an active participant in our Q&A Forums.

* DevLink is still considered a very early Beta at this point. We’ll be constantly improving it over the upcoming months

Developer Love


If you’ve visited our Q&A section of the developer center anytime in the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed some huge improvements and changes to the layouts and how the system works. Rather than bore you with all the changes here’s a screenshot along with a changelog.

Developer Love

New features:

  • Completely new design!
  • Questions are now properly displaying the number of “votes” as the score
  • Answered vs. unanswered questions are now identified by green and blue score boxes respectively
  • What was the “most recent” category is now “newest” to show the newest questions
  • Added new question categories:
  • Most Recent: shows questions that have activity (i.e. answers, comments)
  • Answered: shows only questions that have the best answer marked
  • Fixed RSS feed for all question categories except “My Q&A”
  • Improved SEO: better page titles, links, simplified markup, removal of deprecated tags, etc
  • HTML5 semantic markup: article, section, aside, header, footer, nav, etc
  • Display updated user badges next to the user’s names of questions, answers, and comments.
  • Current badges: Appcelerator staff, (partner currently disabled), Certified developer, Titan
  • All user name links point to the user’s DevLink profile page
  • Added new top 100 tags page:
  • Added new top 100 experts page:
  • Updated all references to the old helpdesk system to point to the new support portal
  • Updated all references to a really old pricing page to the plans & pricing page on the marketing site
  • Revamped form validation when asking a question
  • Inline question/answer/comment markdown preview
  • Now require at least one tag for each question and a maximum of 5 tags
  • Markdown syntax now directly above each question/answer/comment field
  • Properly maxlength and substr() fields being posted back to reduce overflow errors
  • Question and tag subscription emails are now sent in both plain text and Appcelerator branded HTML
  • Added ability for Appcelerator staff and question authors to “lock” a question from further answers/comments
  • Added Appcelerator logo to “Mark as FAQ” button to signify to Appcelerator staff this is an Appcelerator only function
  • Properly “go to” your comment you just added
  • Added “related questions” to the question page that shows 8 random questions that have common tags
  • Any questions/answers/comments with links to external non-* URLs have a rel=”nofollow” added to prevent link spam


  1. Booyaa!

    Q&A still needs an edit/delete button 😉

    I like the concept of Devnet (I’ve had a few people contact me for work through it too).

    It would be great to have a less Q&A centric forum available too. So people can talk about things more. Some people on Q&A seems to get a bit shirty when a post isn’t a question about a code issue/problem etc.

    It could also double up as a Ti Job board too.

    Good job guys! Now.. go and fix markdown on the helpdesk ;p

  2. Hi, thanks for the changes, but in order to have a very good Q&A corner we also need :

    – The search needs also to be improved and extended, such as filter search results or sort search results (most recent to oldest…) because sometimes it is useless to get the topics from 1 year ago…:)


    Please order the search results by chronological date!

    At the moment its very confusing.
    Please fix this.

  4. Great improvements visually. However, one feature which I really hoped would be there is missing.

    After doing a search, being able to sort by date, so that you are looking at the most recent posts related to your search, would be extremely useful. I find that looking at posts 1 year old, or out of date, is a big time waster.

    Other sort features: Most votes, newest, answered only.
    You will get much love for this!

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  6. I feel “Answers” should be more important than “votes”, I always skim the forums and see the green icon and think there is an answer, but its not; its a vote which is confusing.

    Please switch the votes/answers around and make answers more important than votes.

    • @AD The green should be for answered questions. Could you email me at community [at] with links/screenshots of this?

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