Developer Preview: The New Titanium Command Line Interface

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A few weeks ago we debuted our new Titanium command line interface (CLI) at our annual CODESTRONG conference. Today we’re happy to announce the developer preview of our CLI.

We’ve focused a great deal of energy on making our new developer tooling intuitive, fast and easy to use. We’ve unified around JavaScript as an essential part of our technology stack from end-to-end. The CLI is built on top of Node.js and is a complete rewrite of the legacy Python-based scripts. In addition, we have also decoupled the CLI from the SDK, so we can ship updates independently. This allows for a faster and more flexible evolution of our toolchain.

Here’s a list of the CLI’s features:

  • Each command now has help documentation built-in
  • Command options are consistent in naming and behavior
  • New plugin architecture for creating commands and hooks
  • Sensible defaults
  • Setup wizard
  • Prompting of missing arguments
  • Argument validation
  • Internationalization support
  • Colorized output

In order to run the CLI, you must first download and install Node.js 0.8+. Then run the following:

[sudo] npm install -g titanium

titanium sdk install --branch 3_0_X --default

Visit our online documentation to learn how to use the CLI.

We encourage you to join the Titanium CLI Google Group. If you have any cool ideas for new features, then let us know! If you stumble across any bugs, please report them in our bug tracking system and be sure to select the “Tooling” component.

Last but not least, check out the slides from my Codestrong 2012 talk about the CLI.