Developer Updates for 3/16

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We have just pushed a few updates to Developer Center. The following are the details of the changes.

RSS Feeds

You can now subscribe to RSS feeds for the Questions & Answers sections. This includes the various filters and any tag. Click on the RSS feed and place it in your favorite RSS viewer to get updates.

Tag subscriptions

In addition to subscriptions by RSS, we now support email based subscriptions by tag. Navigate to your favorite tag pages you’d like to monitor and click the “Subscribe” button (you’re required to be logged in). Now, when a new issue is created with this tag, you’ll get an email with the details and the link. You can come back at any time and unsubscribe.

Global Notification Control

Wanna turn off notifications in one place? By default, you’ll only receive notifications for questions that you create and when someone responds to your question. Additionally, if you explicitly subscribe to a tag, you’ll receive a notification matching your tag as the question is created. However, if you want to turn off notifications in one simple location – even if just temporarily – you can mute notifications by navigating to your My Q&A page and disabling notifications.


You can toggle it on or off here. If you toggle it off, we’ll simply globally surpress any Dev Center notifications from Q&A. You can always turn it back on to start them again (but only new notifications going forward, not old ones you missed).

Tags — please!

We will now give you a polite (but firm!) warning during preview if you don’t add any tags to your question. The only easy and maintainable way for all of us to find and keep-up with questions is by tagging. It’s really not too hard to tag your questions well and it will help everyone. In fact, Al Gore says tagging reduces greenhouse gases. Really, he did.

We’ll now try and match existing tags – regardless of the case. Please don’t use spaces, use commas. As you type, it will also suggest via this cool ajax-y widget existing tags we have already in the database. Use existing tags if you find one…

Better API documentation linking and updates

We’ve made linking to the various APIs inside the API docs so it’s easier to navigate between various APIs.

We’ve also updated a large number of the APIs to expand the content. The notes section for the major APIs are slowly being updated with a lot more detail. Make sure you scroll to the bottom.

We still have a few APIs that are in progress but should be updated in the next day or so. Titanium.Filesystem, Titanium.Contacts and a few of the objects for Titanium.Media. Additionally, we’re in the process of re-writing all the current Codestrong guides. We initially thought we could port most of the content, but we found when we got into it that much more of the content had to be re-written instead. Hopefully we’ll have this finished this week.

Support Portal Migration

Today, we fully made the switch from the older support forums to the new Q&A here on Dev Center. We’re going to keep the old forums up for awhile since we were unable to migrate the content from the third-party system. You can still reach the old posts by navigating to You’ll note that all the forums are now locked, meaning you cannot post to them — if you attempt to, you’ll simply get an auto-responder email asking you to move your issue.


We also pushed a small fix for some of the bundit badge, thanks to Chris Reed. Chris is definitely leading the pack and we thank him!


  1. Great one Jeff.

    Tagging with the platform name (like android, iphone, windows, linux, osx) is particularly helpful for filtering and avoiding confusion over mobile answers to a desktop question, for example.

  2. There’s one problem with old forums: search doesn’t work there. This is a pretty big knowledgebase left in the old forums, so it would be good if we could search these old forums as well.

    • @noah – we’re looking into this and hopefully will have a fix soon.

      @resveratrol – we would welcome guest posts from the community assuming they’re (a) high quality and (b) relevant. 🙂

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