Education App Makes Music Simple As Do-Re-Mi

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The DoReMi Zoo App is music to your ears, teaching children the basics of music through a fun-spirited one-octave piano. The application, developed on the Appcelerator Titanium mobile framework for the iPad, has multiple functions. The app allows users to play freely or it teaches them one of four simple songs, note by note. The application is free in the app store and acts as a fantastic tool for entertaining young children while simultaneously introducing them to the basics of a piano C-scale.

The keyboard of DoReMi Zoo is decorated with an adorable animal theme, in which each key has an animal and the correlating “do”, “re”, or “mi” in the scale. The keys are also color coded to help speed up the learning process. DoReMi Zoo also offers three alternate themes including Princesses, Champ, and DoReMi Bot for $0.99 each or the entire set for $1.99, using in-app purchases. Once your child has learned the songs available, they are free to compose their own tunes and share them on the DoReMi website, or through Twitter.

DoReMi Zoo is part of a set of fun educational applications developed by mobile application developer, Raul Riera. Rierra initially began his projects using a native mobile application approach but instead opted for the Titanium cross-platform framework. Rierra explains, “I love to produce apps as quickly as possible. So far Titanium has been the only solution that allow us to do so.” The application has been received well among the parental community and received mostly 4-star and 5-star reviews; according to the amount of downloads and positive reviews, Rierra feels that the app has been successful and hopes that the word will spread to help more parents foster musical interest in their children. 

You can download the current version in the app store here. You can also view DoReMi Zoo in action below:

DoReMi Zoo: My First Piano from Raul Riera on Vimeo.