Embracing Stack Overflow for Appcelerator Community Support

NOTE: Please see an update to this post based on feedback we received from the community here.

With the launch of the Appcelerator Platform 4.0 last year, we also replaced our original Q&A with a new forum for community support. We did this to bring a unified experience to everything in the Platform. Over the course of the year, it has become apparent that the software we chose was not up to the task. It has proved harder to maintain than our former custom-built system and users were missing features they expected from a Q&A forum.

Stack Overflow

In the meantime, many of you were also active on Stack Overflow…and you were not alone. With over 5 million users, 18 million questions with a 73% answer rate, Stack Overflow has long been a favorite destination for programmers of all stripes. In fact, since 2013 JavaScript has been the number one tag on Stack Overflow. With our commitment here at Appcelerator to full-stack JavaScript we felt this would be a great home so…we’ve decided to join you there and embrace the #appcelerator tag!

We hope to see the Tag Info updated with usage guidelines soon. We will also update our documentation and website references for this change in the coming weeks.

Going forward, #appcelerator at Stack Overflow will be considered the go-to location for support for and by the community. StackOverflow is a vibrant community of developers always willing to lend a helping hand. Our Appcelerator team uses Stack Overflow almost on a daily basis just due to this fact. As a reminder Enterprise and Team customers have direct access to Technical Support through their agreements.

Original Q&A

Effective immediately, the original Q&A that we kept around as read-only at developer.appcelerator.com has been replaced by a new portal for developer-related resources. The URLs for the original Q&A’s tags and questions redirect to relevant searches on Stack Overflow.

This new portal will grow into a full Developer Portal over the next few months. It will become the place to bookmark and subscribe to never miss anything, whether it be Appcelerator updates or interesting content from the community. Stay tuned!

Former Q&A

The former Q&A at community.appcelerator.com is now read-only and will continue to be available as such until February 1st. From then on, it will redirect tags and questions to StackOverflow and forward all other URLs to the new developer.appcelerator.com.

What to do with your topics?

No improvement is without drawbacks and we certainly understand it’s frustrating if you still have open questions on the current Q&A. For this reason, we will keep this Q&A in read-only status for the next two weeks. Please copy and paste any outstanding questions into Stack Overflow with the #appcelerator tag. You will find Stack Overflow is much easier to monitor and administer, with lots of Appcelerator developers to help you.

We’ll see you on Stack Overflow!


  1. this sucks so bad, because most of the answers including workaround were on the old Q&A. Googling stuff and adding the site:stackoverflow.com tag doesn’t work at all. A couple of my searches found nothing relevant.

  2. So all those helpful old posts in the original community that we all rely on are now gone.

    Awesome. Amazing work there guys…

  3. Losing years worth of Q&A content is not ideal. Any chance of putting up an archive of it? Obviously some of it is no longer relevant but a lot is.

    • We fully agree is not ideal. Unfortunately the original and former Q&A both lacked the features to phase out old and increasingly out-dated or even incorrect information. So we did not have a way to preserve just the relevant content. It’s one of the main reasons we now embrace Stack Overflow, which does an excellent job at handling that. Hope to see you there!

    • While I agree with the move to stack overflow, I also get a lot of help from the old Q&A content and have found much relevance in it (yes, there is also much outdated stuff).

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Please keep the read-only archive too! Maybe add a disclaimer letting users know that a significant amount of content may be outdated.

      • Thanks for your concern Eric and others who did as well. The problem is, as long as we keep the old Q&A around as read-only it will dominate the Google search results, making it harder to transition to Stack Overflow. Our Support Team is closely monitoring Stack Overflow for the next weeks so please take advantage of this and create questions for whatever you were looking for on Google. We will get you a quick and most importantly accurate answer soon.

        • I understand you don’t want to clog up search results but I don’t see the harm in putting a huge banner with “This is outdated, move to Stackoverflow” across the top. Fill the whole screen if you like, but leave the old content below. Whilst it’s true a lot of content is outdated, there is a *lot* of good stuff there too. Honestly feel you have set back Q&A by a couple of years here.

        • -edited- I rely on those old Q&A topics. I agree with the move to Stack, but PLEASE somehow KEEP THE OLD TOPICS.

  4. This is great! Keep up the good work guys!

    Stackoverflow has always been superior in my opinion. About time it moved over properly 😉

    You will see me answering where possible

  5. It is a shame to lose all that community work and advice that is still relevant. Please keep the read only archive too!!! it helps us to get the most out of Appclerator! and has heaps of value add to your product. Real shame to lose the read only version of it too

    • Hi Craig and All,

      While we agree there is some content that may be helpful in the old Q&A there is also a lot more content that has become very stale that does cause pain for those newer to Appcelerator and Titanium. We put a lot of time into making this as smooth a transition as possible but there were no perfect solutions. I do strongly believe we can turn http://developer.appcelerator.com and #appcelerator at Stack Overflow into a powerful place for developers of all skill levels to thrive. Our team here at Appcelerator is committed to helping with this transition by monitoring the forum daily as we prime the pump.

      Thank you for working with us through this transition.

      • Stack Overflow beats the pants off of the old Q&A sites, but saying there’s just “some” content on the old Q&A sites that “may” be helpful is a significant underestimation.

        • I will echo what Ross said. It is a major understatement to assume that only some content would be useful.

          For example, we are currently dealing with a major headache involving access to exif data from gallery photos. This is not something available through the Appcelerator API. We have been crawling through dozens of posts to find solutions and now everything we had bookmarked as potential reference points is behind your “new solution” wall. Please reconsider!!!

  6. There is no harm in keeping all the old Q&A while disabling asking New Questions to be asked in StackOverFlow.
    Just had the experience where I had to check Google Cached Results to find the answer.

  7. Guys I think this is a good idea, but you really need to decide on something and stick to it. I hope this is it. We had 3 different platforms in the past 5 years and that is not good in order to find support.

  8. That’s a great move. We also moved all our support to stackoverflow but we still support users in our older developer forums since stackoverflow is often too strict with some overzealous moderators.

    Its also helpful when searching for older answers to keep the old forum lying around.

  9. But keeping an option to access the old knowledge database would not harm anybody. Just disable creating new questions, put a big warning at top, but let people access the old data. Just my two cents.

  10. Full speed ahead Fokke. The old old Q&A is stale and a useless search result generator. The new old Q&A is a desert. Stack Overflow is a much better idea. It will soon fill up with relevant current issues and answers.


  11. We appreciate your decision to move to stackoverflow. It’s wise decision.
    but i’d like to suggest you to prolong former Q&A availability in read-only mode until 3-6 months ahead, so it won’t interfere ongoing projects.

  12. I also think it’s a bad idea to lose all the Q&A content. The old platform was very good, now few information can be found.

  13. Moving to stackoverflow is good ideal. but as u know the old Q&A had alot of answer. And now i am not able to search any answer immediately . I need to post to stackoverflow and wait few day for respond . And sometime there not people to answer your question.

    Please make the Q&A availability in read-only mode

    • Thanks koo. We are looking into it and in the meanwhile, our Support Team is putting some extra focus on Stack Overflow in these first weeks to make sure you get an answer quick.

  14. Hello, thank you for your work.

    Stackoverflow – OK, but I still need old Q&A access.
    Now, I’m using google’s cache, but it’s annoying.

    So, +1 for old Q&A read access

    thank you

  15. I agree with Eric, Ihor, and others. I know that the super-brains at Appcelerator that created Hyperloop can make all the old Q&A available to a logged on developer and not have it Google searchable! The old Q&A has some great answers by some of the brightest Appcelerator developers, it would be a shame to lose that. Yes, there are errors, yes some is outdated, and yes it is stale, but there is a lot that is helpful, quickly helpful. I agree with a use at your own risk disclaimer. SO will become the go to, of that I am sure, but until it is robust the old Q&As provide a plethora of correct answers that can be quickly accessed.

    By the way Fokke, I have never taken the time to say thank you for all the work you do and have done for the community. Your posts, videos, TiCons, Q&A answers, etc have all been invaluable to me as I progress with Appcelerator. So, thank you! And no, this wasn’t to butter you up…lol.

  16. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. This is a really irritating move. Yes there is a lot of out of date and incorrect information, but the same will happen in any new system over time. I also find it useful to see the development of Ti over time as one can see from the historical pattern of answers. The craft of a good developer is sifting through the relevant stuff.

    +1 for old Q&A read access

    • Hi “John” – I’ve tried to get in touch with you, but my emails to what seems to be a fake address return undelivered.

      We reserve the right to decide what comments we publish. We have no problem with any type of feedback and have approved and replied to comments that expressed the same concerns you have, but in a more civilised manner. Threats in particular is not something we appreciate.

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