Enterprise Webinar: Old-school MEAPs for the Mobile Revolution? No Chance!

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Traditional mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs) were built in a pre-smartphone era to mobilize desktop or web applications to a BlackBerry or WAP device. However, today’s mobile apps require a different app deployment strategy. Modern smartphones need to consume data from multiple sources, which traditional MEAPs cannot support.

Only with the scalability and flexibility of the cloud can an enterprise hope to harness the massive opportunity that mobile represents. Join us for this webinar featuring Appcelerator CTO, Nolan Wright, and Appcelerator’s Director of Enterprise Strategy, Michael King, as they present their point of view on the requirements, value and potential of mobile first clouds. Watch now!


Old-school MEAPs for the Mobile Revolution? No Chance!

Date: Thursday, May 9th

Time: 9am PDT

Presenters: Nolan Wright, Appcelerator’s Chief Technology Officer and Michael King, Appcelerator’s Director of Enterprise Strategy.

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