Enterprise Webinar: What Mobile Strategy Is Right For Your Business?

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It is smart business to invest in an enterprise mobile strategy, but what’s the best way to get started? As enterprises struggle with the right way to implement their mobile application strategies, they are faced with the daunting decision of how to build that first app:

1) They can build a custom “one-off” native or mobile web application every time they need a new app, OR 2) The enterprise will invest in a mobile platform to build multiple apps, across many operating systems and app architectures (mobile web, native, etc.)

The first approach requires less of an initial investment and commitment, but becomes problematic if the enterprise has requirements for more than one app or plans to make updates in the future. The second approach needs more time and funding to get started, but it is often a more affordable long-term strategy. Which approach is right for your enterprise? Watch the webinar to learn more!

Michael King, Appcelerator’s
Director of Enterprise Strategy

What mobile strategy is right for your business?

Date: Thursday, June 6th

Time: 9am PDT

Presenter: Michael King, Appcelerator’s Director of Enterprise Strategy, helps companies plan and execute a scalable mobile strategy. Previously, Michael spent 11 years as the lead mobile analyst for Gartner.


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