Extended Developer Profiles

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Today we’ve released an update to the developer profile portal page. This update adds a new a set of optional attributes to each developer’s profile. There are two driving forces behind the change. First of all we’d like to understand more about our developers so that we can best meet the needs of our growing community; your backgrounds, skills, interests, etc. Secondly, we would like to help our developers gain visibility in the competitive mobile development market. We often come into contact with companies looking for talented Titanium developers with a variety of skills. Our goal is to create a means by which developers can promote their skills and offerings and give others a mechanism to discovery them. We will be doing a series of announcements and releases over the coming weeks as we work to achieve these goals, but you can get a head start by updating your profile today.

Note: You may have to clear your cache to pick up the stylesheet changes.

Extended User Profile