Featured Video: Getting Started with Alloy

Need help navigating Appcelerator’s mobile capabilities? We’re here to make sure you get the most out of Titanium, Arrow and the Platform. That’s why we’re continually expanding Appcelerator University as a learning resource to help you get moving quickly.

Today’s featured video provides an introduction to Appcelerator’s Alloy, an MVC framework that sits on top of Titanium to provide an easy way to separate the user interface from the business logic of your apps. For many developers, Alloy is the preferred way to build Appcelerator apps. It helps maximize reuse, promotes consistency and makes maintenance easier.

Alloy uses XML to define the objects in your UI, and style sheets to style these objects. JavaScript is then used for the app behavior. This “separation of concerns” means that everything that has to do with UI goes in one place, and everything that has to do with behavior goes in another. This will feel very natural for those with a web development background. It also means that if you’re a web developer or graphic designer, you can create the app UI and then get someone else to work on the behavior, or the other way around—making collaboration easier.

In this video, Director of Product Architecture, Rick Blalock gives the lay of the land to help get you oriented and started using Alloy. You can find additional videos on Alloy topics in Appcelerator University. Enjoy.