Festivus Celebration Day Four – Feats of Strength

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Today is day four of our Festivus Celebration here at Appcelerator, Feats of Strength, and unlike George Costanza, you won’t run out of here crying.

Our Day 3 winner of the Appcelerator swag pack is @jeremymelton.

Once more today we’re focusing the spotlight on one of our third-party developers.

Today’s developer profiled is Justin Vincent of JV Multimedia who created SwarmSG for the iPad.

What is SwarmSG ?
SwarmSG is a fun, challenging and addictive 2 player strategy board game – in the vein of chess, backgammon or go. SwarmSG capitalizes on a new play paradigm: you can move both your pieces as well as your opponent’s – creating the ability to “swarm” with maximum strategic impact.

The Situation
Justin Vincent spent many college years honing his backgammon skills in the Dome Café in Hampstead London. He played with friends, bartenders, and those soon to become friends. This combination of mental stimulation and social interaction inspired Justin to create his own game of strategy many years later.

SwarmSG combines the strategic elements of chess and backgammon with the ability to move your opponent’s pieces as well as your own. With the option to move up to 22 pieces per turn on a board with 84 squares, each turn creates over 20 million possibilities. The key to SwarmSG is understanding how to “swarm” multiple pieces with maximum strategic impact per turn.

You can download SwarmSG for iOS here and it costs $4.99 USD.

You can also download the full Developer Case Study at the following link:
SwarmSG Developer Case Study

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Today’s message and the hashtag are this:

Titanium’s build environment and workflow let me create that superior level of user experience. - Justin Vincent #atfd4 #appcelerator

Remember to check back to see if you’re a winner and to participate in the rest of our Festivus Celebration!