Forging Titanium Episode 17: Android, Meet V8

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Editors note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here.

This week on “Forging Titanium” we’ll be taking a closer look at the recently announced continuous integration build of the Titanium Mobile SDK. The reason this build is such a hot subject is that it’s the first to allow Titanium developers to have access to the V8 Javascript engine as an Android runtime. In short, V8 will potentially bring tremendous performance improvements to your Android apps without any intervention on your part.

It’s a very exciting time for Titanium Android developers. Don’t miss this screencast if you want to join in on the fun!

Episode Highlights

  • Find out where to get the CI build and how to install it
  • See how you can use either the current rhino interpreter or the new V8 Javascript interpreter in your Android projects
  • A live demo of a simple benchmark app showing the performance enhancements achieved with the V8 integration

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  1. @Jeff: Yes, any Android 2.2+ will work with the new v8 runtime. That said, the Android emulator is not exactly the most exciting place to test performance enhancements. You’ll see the most drastic improvements when actually testing on a device.

  2. This is exciting stuff; can’t wait to try it out. Will any emulator running 2.2 or greater support v8?

  3. Here are some real world observations:

    * initial app load time on v8 is decreased (more than 50% in my case), probably due to faster source code parsing
    * app in general is faster, didn’t test for real numbers, but that can be observed visually
    * faster table view generation, although slower scrolling (scrolling is choppy)

    So, regarding performance, v8 is superior to Rhino. But, v8 implementation is still buggy (Rhino in branch also), it required some work in my code to get it work (some things still don’t work). My advice to people who wants to try v8 – if things don’t work, try to find a workaround (in most cases, small changes in my code would make things work), but don’t loose much time on that and wait for future versions because they’re getting better with every new CI build.


  4. Good News !! hope that this version fixe the scrollableview zoomscale and give to us the possibility to add an “scale” event listener to it…. i need this for my current school project 🙁

    if there is a list of fixed problems ….that will be good !!

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