Forging Titanium Episode 23: TiShadow

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Editors note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here.

We’re really excited about this episode of Forging Titanium because it’s the first done by a member of the community. David Bankier is the creator of TiShadow, a client-server application built with the intention of rapidly deploying and testing Titanium apps on multiple devices. It’s inspiration comes from Adobe’s new labs product, not suprisingly named Shadow.

Increasing my development iteration speed is always a primary focus for me. A tool like TiShadow could be tremendous in that respect. Without further ado, I’ll let David show you exactly how TiShadow could change the way you develop with Titanium.

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  1. Someone able to work? I tried but could not.

    I got so far:
    C:TiShadowserver>node app.js
    Express server listening on port 3000 in development mode
    info – started

    My OS: Windows 7

    Thank you guys!

  2. @jairo I was able to get it running. There were two parts that needed to happen – I had to install the custom mobile SDK and I had to unzip the modules contained in the app/modules directory. Seems to mostly be in support of mac os.

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