Forging Titanium Episode 4: A Utility Application Template

Futuristic technology background. Internet data connection. Cloud networks.

Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here.

In Episode 2, we took a look at a framework for displaying a stack of windows in a cross-platform navigation controller. This week, we’ll be implementing a template for a simple two-stage utility application, while isolating our cross-platform navigation code to a single component.

This week we will be building upon our technique of creating custom components, while adding in an important API for creating component-oriented applications: Application-level events. By firing and listening for custom events, we can ensure that components in our system do not need to have knowledge of how other components behave – they just need to know how to indicate to the rest of the application that an important event has happened.

Find out how use this technique to create a two-stage utility application in this week’s episode of Forging Titanium.

Episode Resources:

  • Custom events API in the Ti.App namespace
  • Listing of built-in Android UI assets
  • Forging Titanium GitHub repository (source)