Forging Titanium Episode 7: Titanium and Twilio for Cloud Communications

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UPDATE: This blog post refers to older versions of Titanium.

Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here.

In this week’s episode, we’ll be taking a look at Twilio, a cloud-based service for adding telephony features to applications through a RESTful web service API. Using Twilio, developers can send and receive phone calls and SMS text messages, enabling the creation of interfaces that pass beyond the reach of smart phones.

Learn how to send and receive phone calls and text messages in your mobile applications in this week’s episode of Forging Titanium.

Episode Resources:


    • @iga

      First I would try cleaning your project in Studio and rebuilding. If you continue to have troubles, mail a Q&A link to community at appcelerator dot com and we can take a look, as we don’t troubleshoot in the blog comments. Thanks!

  1. the crashing I experienced was cause by using `set` as a function name which requires doesn’t like.

    and then change the function name inside of `credentials.js` from `set` to `load`

  2. Hi Kevin,

    could it be possible that this thing is no longer working? I just downloaded it today (06.2014) and it only throws errors while trying to make a phonecall or a sms. I did insert an own URL but anyhow: The script should be aware of any “right or wrong” URL but simply try to send it, right? And as far as your video is concerned (why is this not on this page anyhow??) it seems to be working pretty goof from the iphone simulator.

    Thanx for any help in advance

    • Hello Frank. This blog post refers to old versions of Titanium. However Kevin recently created a working demo with newer versions of Titanium and Twilio, which you can find here:

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