GA Release of Appcelerator Studio 6.0.0

Today, we published the General Availability release of Axway Appcelerator Studio. This is a major release that includes 12 improvements and 34 bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes:

Noteworthy Changes

  • Eclipse base upgrade to 4.13
  • Added support for Java 11 and Node 10
  • Studio will download the following versions if you do not have a supported version:
    • Node 10.7.0
    • JDK 11.0.6

How to update Appcelerator Studio

To update Studio, launch Studio and open the “Help” menu. Select the “Check for Appcelerator Updates” item. You will be prompted to install the update.

A note on installing Studio on Windows

Due to our existing codesigning certificate expiring, we purchased and used a new certificate to sign the Studio installer. As a result of the new certificate, we expect Windows SmartScreen to pop up a dialog “blocking” the installer until there have been enough installs to provide SmartScreen with sufficient data to trust our certificate. If you experience this, please choose “More info” and then “Run anyway” in the “Windows protected your PC” dialog.

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the updates, please report them on JIRA.

First, check if it’s a known issue you can watch. If you can’t find an existing ticket, then create one in the
Appcelerator Community (AC) project and add as much relevant information as you can, including the release version you are using.

You can leave general comments as a reply to this blog post or reach out via TiSlack.

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