GA Releases of Titanium SDK 7.4.2 & Appcelerator CLI 7.0.9

Titanium SDK 9.0.3
Titanium SDK 9.0.3

Today, we published General Availability releases of AMPLIFY™ Titanium SDK and Appcelerator CLI. These are patch releases that address high priority issues from previous releases. The releases include two bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes:

Thank You Community!

We’d like to thank the following community members who contributed to these releases as well as those who have tested RC versions.

  • Carlos Henrique Zinato – TIMOB-26391

Update Titanium SDK

To update the Titanium SDK from the command line:

[appc] ti sdk install 7.4.2.GA

Update Appcelerator CLI

Studio users will be prompted to update the CLI.

To update the CLI from the command line:

appc use latest

Report bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the updates, please report them on JIRA.

First, check if it’s a known issue you can watch. If you can’t find an existing ticket, then create one in the
Appcelerator Community (AC) project and add as much relevant information as you can, including the release version you are using.

You can leave general comments as a reply to this blog post or reach out via TiSlack.

Code strong!


  1. There may be a major issue going on with the latest releases. My app updates are getting rejected because Apple says they are using the Apple Music API and it needs explanation.

    I received the below rejection. My app has nothing to do with Apple Music and this has never happened before.


    Guideline 2.1 – Information Needed

    We have started the review of your app, but we are not able to continue because we need additional information about your app.

    Next Steps

    To help us proceed with the review of your app, please provide detailed information to the following questions. The more information you can provide upfront, the sooner we can complete your review.

    – How does your app uses Apple Music API?

    • Hi Donovan!

      Apple will sometimes require a permission description if any of the frameworks you use have the capability to ask for that permission (even if you never ask). Inside your tiapp.xml, simply look for the <plist><dict> section and add:

      <string>Does not need access to Apple Music</string>

      This should satisfy Apple and allow you to resubmit. Let us know if you have any further questions!

      • Brenton,

        Thank you for the reply. But I got more information on this from Apple. I got the below message now. I’m only using the Admob module with in my app for advertising.


        Guideline 4.5.2 – Design – Apple Sites and Services

        We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access Apple Music user data and is being used for advertising purposes, or references advertisements in the purpose string, both of which are in direct violation of 4.5.2(iii) of the App Store Review Guidelines.

        Next Steps

        To resolve this issue, ensure that Apple Music selectors are not used for advertising purposes and that Apple Music purpose strings don’t reference advertisements in any way. If your app is not intended to use Apple Music, it would be appropriate to remove your app’s NSAppleMusicUsageDescription key altogether.

        • Thanks for connecting with me about this on Twitter Donovan. Glad to hear that Apple approved your app now! Apple approvals can get kind of dicy with permissions sometimes depending on who you get to review your app. Look forward to seeing even more Titanium apps from you!

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