Appcelerator Named a Leader in Gartner’s Mobile Magic Quadrant

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Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms is just out, and I’m pleased to announce that Appcelerator has placed in the Leader quadrant! We’re thrilled with this outcome. Leader placement validates the work we’ve invested to create the market’s only truly unified, purpose-built mobile engagement platform. More than this, it recognizes our community of partners, customers and developers, all of whom have contributed to making the product what it is today.

If you’re part of that group: Thank you.

You’ve been among the first to understand users are shifting from desktops to smartphones and tablets, and you’ve realigned your digital strategies — and the underlying tools and infrastructures to make these strategies a reality. Mobile differs from everything that’s come before in three important ways:

  1. The range of platforms and devices. Gone is the Wintel monopoly. No longer are we creating applications to run on a single set of devices of fixed screen sizes. Now the need is for apps that run across a range of devices, a range that seems to expand by the quarter.
  2. The number and variety of data sources. While most people are awake to the device explosion, fewer see that an equivalent expansion has occurred on the backend. Good mobile apps are greedy things, hungry for all manner of data from enterprise systems to SaaS repositories, public sources such as social to the looming Internet of Things.
  3. The rise of the user. Not long ago, users were second-class citizens. What mattered was the system. Users existed to enter data in precisely the way the system wanted it, and if they got it wrong it was their fault. (Recall the old “user error” jokes.) Not any more. In a mobile world, users expect smart, elegant, context-aware apps that orchestrate the data they need regardless of source, and which run anywhere, anytime on their device of choice. And if your app can’t deliver that experience? The user deletes it and finds one that can.

These differences drive the needs of the new enterprise: apps that work seamlessly on any device, APIs that provide readily available, mobile-optimized access to any data source, and analytics to measure success and drive the best user experience possible. You’ve counted on the Appcelerator Platform to seamlessly extend your enterprise infrastructures for exactly this new mobile world, delivering portfolios of increasingly powerful, purposeful and multi-device app experiences.

We look forward to our continued work together – leader to leader – in building for the post-web world. Meanwhile, whether you’re a part of our community already or simply an interested passerby, please accept the full Gartner report here with our compliments.


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