Getting Started with the Nook Color

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We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Developer program. We have been working with Barnes & Noble over the past couple months to streamline the Nook SDK for Titanium Android developers to build great Nook apps.

As part of the announcement, Barnes & Noble is fast-tracking Titanium developer registrations, so both the signup and development process has been made as streamlined as possible. Below are the steps necessary to register for a Nook developer account as a Titanium developer and start building Nook apps within Titanium Studio:

Qualify as a NOOK App Developer

Be advised that if you’re a developer considering the NOOK Color as an opportunity and are considering applying to become a qualified NOOK App Developer you must have a US Bank Account as well as a valid US TAX ID.

Become a NOOK App Developer and sell your content and apps to millions of dedicated Barnes & Noble customers – avid readers who are already well-versed in searching, finding and purchasing content. Only Barnes & Noble offers so many unique ways to drive discovery and demand for your content and apps with unmatched visibility and exposure:

  • Benefit from an integrated shopping experience where customers can easily and quickly find and buy books, content and applications on the same or similar subjects.
  • Your apps will be uniquely featured in curated spots including: popular categories, new releases, recommended hot picks and more.
  • Our customized shopping home page presents customers with a selection of content that is personalized just for them based on favorites, past purchases and individual preferences.
  • Your apps will gain exposure in more than 1,300 Barnes & Noble and Barnes & Noble college bookstores across the country.
  • Our “More in Store” program allows customers to browse and read complete eBooks, enjoy exclusive content, experience featured apps and more.
  • Experience unprecedented point of purchase merchandising presence in-store in NOOK Boutiques with signage and in-store experts that share our customer’s love of reading and extensive knowledge about books and apps.

Gain private and confidential access to a variety of tools and resources to accelerate the development of your apps:

  • Access to “Developer Mode”, which will enable adb access on your NOOK Color to facilitate your application development and debugging
  • Private interaction with other developers and our technical experts
  • Special access to the NOOK App Developer support team
  • Early access to development tools, APIs, resources and services
  • Ability to submit your apps for qualification of acceptance into our store along with access to the breadth of merchandising opportunities we offer.


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