ICYMI: Top 10 Mobile Strategy Posts to Prepare for 2016

It’s been another big year for mobility. Throughout 2015, we talked to the movers and shakers of the dev world, explored the history of backend technologies, covered innovative mobile strategies and more. With the year coming to a close, here’s a roundup of some of our most shared and read pieces of 2015 to get you ready (and hyped) for 2016.

1. Avoid These Expensive Mobile Missteps

Building a mobile strategy is no easy task. Mistakes can be both time-consuming and costly. That’s why we turned to five mobile experts to hear about the biggest mistakes they’ve seen companies make when going mobile. Check out what our experts had to say, so you can avoid these costly mishaps.

2. Making the Mental Shift From Web to Mobile Development

If you’re a web developer making the move into mobile, it takes a change of thinking to really get it right. Developing for mobile is inherently different from developing for the web. Learn why and check out our tips for making the mental shift.

3. AmerisourceBergen Embraces the Mobile Center of Excellence

As a company committed to innovation, global healthcare solution provider AmerisourceBergen uses a Mobile Center of Excellence as the engine of its mobile strategy. See how they’ve used the MCoE to boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care. Find out how here.

4. MBaaS Revisited: How Backend Technologies Are Evolving

From the original web and app servers to today’s microservices, backend tech has come a long way. The need to innovate faster and faster is driving this evolution. Now, developers want tools that allow them to focus on building the best user experience without getting mired in backend BS. Take a look at how these technologies have changed over time – and see where things are headed.

5. Five Tips From the World’s Most Tech-Savvy Library

Here’s your chance to learn from one of the best—Queens Library is known for their innovative approach to technology usage and apps. They shared their mobile strategy and five lessons they’ve learned that can be applied to any business’s mobile initiatives. Read all about it here.

6. Key Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s landmark Internet Trends Report continues to serve as an industry guidepost. This year’s report unearthed some interesting mobile trends, including stats on usage, opportunities in mobile advertising and the growing role of messaging and notifications. For our roundup of key takeaways check out our blog post here.

7. Born Mobile: PiniOn Uses Apps to Harness Customer Insight

Want an example of reinventing a business model for mobile? Mobile-first company PiniOn created an app that invites consumers to complete interactive surveys, or “missions”, gathering critical customer feedback on various products. See how they did it.

8. Using Mobile to Change the World

Mobility can be a powerful tool. Just take California-based nonprofit, Waste No Food—they’re changing the world by connecting people who have excess food with those in need. To see how they’re transforming philanthropy with mobile, check out their story here. And, for an update on the incredible momentum they built in 2015, take a look at our follow-up.

9. Building a Mobile Strategy with an Outsized Impact

Reinventing for mobile doesn’t doesn’t require an army. Global insurance wholesaler, AmWINS is doing a lot with a little, and bringing real innovation to its legacy businesses. See how they have created a high-impact, fast-moving mobile strategy that’s also resource-light.

10. The Power of “Product Thinking”

To create great apps, we need to treat mobile offerings as products that are measured and improved upon constantly rather than “one-and done” projects. Apps that stand the test of time are constantly evolving—for many companies, this means reorienting their processes, incentives and cultures to win at mobile. Here’s how.

BONUS: The Mobile API Innovation Opportunity

No great app stands alone. The best and most innovative are fueled by data and interact with other systems in order to create context-rich experiences. APIs are the keys that unlock this door. That’s why we asked four experts to tell us where they think the mobile APIs opportunity lies. Here’s what they had to say.