iOS 8 Support

Yesterday during the WWDC Apple announced the features of its upcoming iOS 8. With this new release they plan to make available a number of new APIs, among them:

  • Capability of adding interactive widgets to the notifications area
  • Health Kit
  • Home Kit
  • Adding Extensions to the Share Sheet
  • Multiple keyboards
  • Camera APIs

We have downloaded and installed the iOS 8 beta and have successfully compiled apps against it. More thorough testing is underway. If you would like to start testing yourself, here’s a quick guide of how to set it up alongside your current XCode installation.

Apple also announced Swift, a new Javascript-like programming language to build iOS apps. Swift not only compiles to the same binary as Objective C, but developers can use Objective C and Swift side-by-side. This means that you could build a Titanium native module for iOS in Objective C or Swift and start taking advantage of all of the great features of iOS 8 and Swift right now.

Make sure you log any findings or feature requests to Jira while we prepare for the official iOS 8 launch this fall.


  1. I know this can sound strange… but why should I use Titanium (based on JS) if Apple lets you directly use a “JavaScript-like” language?

    Aren’t Alloy/Hyperloop not very useful anymore for iOS development?

    • I appreciate your question. However you can not develop cross platform apps from Swift where as in AppC you can.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Is there a misunderstanding here? I am not able to compile against iOS 8 (SDK) — terminal interaction is functioning properly, the GUI doesn’t render at all though. Please update us regarding the iOS 8 issue, if there’s anything new.

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