Row of server cabinets with computer and digital displays full of data, numbers, and blue blinking lights and leds, arranged in circular rows. Computer servers fill a room of a futuristic data center, used as a cloud computing and data storage facility. Room is illuminated by blue light. Low angle view. Supercomputer simulation, digitally generated image.

We were very impressed to find this community-driven open source project, Livetanium, which allows for real-time editing of the Titanium source, complete with deployment to the iPhone emulator. The project was pioneered by team krawaller, developers of the Titanium-based word game Golingo (buy it!). Says Jacob Waller:

Made out of titanium, Nodejs, and unicorns, our Livetanium library lets you code Titanium Mobile apps and see changes in realtime. It uses a Nodejs server to pipe file changes to the app, and these changes are applied in realtime. It’s iPhone only at the moment but works in both the simulator and on the actual device. You can check out the source.

Please try it out and let us know what you think!

Great work guys!


  1. That is really interesting…. BTW can somebody gimme pointers on how to use JSS for styling(a sample or a short tutorial)…

  2. There are quite allot of community projects out there that seem to be.. well.. quite awesome really!

    Do you have plans to work with these developers to integrate any of their projects rather than having us mobile developers use multiple ‘forks’ of titanium? Not a complaint in the slightest! 🙂 Just a query as it would certainly be an interesting route to look into… IMO anyway!