Lone Star Developer Case Study

Copy space. New arrows painted on asphalt. Direction future.

Once more as part of our celebration of Festivus we’re focusing the spotlight on one of our third party developers.

Today’s developer profiled is Archrival who created the Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder app for the iPhone.

What is Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder?
Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder is the mobile guide to Lone Star Beer’s under-the-cap puzzles. Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder is a free entertainment application for iPhone, developed by Archival for the Pabst Brewing Company.

The Situation
Archrival is the leading interactive / youth brand marketing agency with clients that include Lone Star beer, State Farm, Microsoft, Honda, and Red Bull. The company’s focus is on highly creative campaigns that integrate online web, social, and offline elements into a connected brand experience.

Archrival has been working with Pabst Brewing Company for a year, most recently on their “Lone Star Spirit” campaign. A key element of the campaign is to engage a consumer with a fun visual puzzle under the bottle cap, whose solution is available on their website. Since the campaign is highly relevant at point of consumption, the client asked for a mobile app to be developed as a fun way to deepen the engagement with the brand in a social setting.


You can download the Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder for iOS here and it’s totally free.

We aren’t advocating that you drink but if you do please remember to drink responsibly.

You can also download the full Developer Case Study at the following link:
Lone Star Developer Case Study