Marketplace revenue doubling since Paypal integration!

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Appcelerator’s Marketplace is successfully integrated with PayPal and we have paid out Marketplace sellers who have provided us with PayPal account information. If you are selling in the Marketplace, please provide us your PayPal info so we can pay you out as soon as you reach the $50 threshold.

To add your PayPal username, go to Sell > Bills > Billing Settings.

Accessing Titanium subscription modules:

Also, if you are a paying Titanium subscriber—Indie, Professional, or Enterprise—go to to access your modules package. DO NOT go to Marketplace to download modules you have purchased through a Titanium subscription… otherwise you will be charged!

New Components:

Admaker module for Android

1. AdMaker module for Android

By using this module with the Admaker SDK, your apps can get revenue from Admaker.

Quickie iOS5 Twitter Client

2. Quickie iOS5 Twitter Client

iOS5 module provide access to the integrated Twitter framework in Titanium applications.

RSS Feed App

3. RSS Feed App

Create an automated RSS feed.




Provides access to Quick Look functionality on iOS. This can be helpful in allowing app users to view documents in viewers/apps that are not default iOS apps.


5. Chat

Provide your users with a way to communicate with each other live in real-time via simple chat with their mobile phones and tablets using this code.

Please Wait

6.Please Wait

With just a few lines of code you can show a wait dialog. Show something as simple as a spinner or a progress bar with two progression levels.



This module composes a mail with a screenshot of the current situation when the handset is shaken by the user.



Create custom iOS style badges anywhere in your apps through custom backgrounds–text or numeric– frame color, and font styles.

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