Marketplace Update: Over 1/3 of surveyed Titanium developers interested to contribute to Appcelerator's Marketplace

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In Appcelerator’s Q4 Mobile Developer Report, over 1/3 of surveyed Titanium developers expressed interest to contribute to Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace … Check out the new modules and frameworks available now!

New Paid Components:



JSONDB is a pure JavaScript module that provides an easy way to store, manage, and secure your application data without the need for cumbersome SQL databases.

XML User Interface Subscription

2. XML User Interface Subscription

Organize your project, keep design separated from code, and be more productive.

Call Interceptor Module for Android

3. Call Interceptor Module for Android

This module allows you to intercept an incoming phone call, identify the phone number and call state for further actions.


theBand (iOS)

4.theBand (iOS)

theBand is a complete app template for music bands that is highly customizable, well documented and easy to configure.

New Free Components:


1. DYNApp Free Edition

This is the free edition of the DYNApp framework.


2. TiMVC

Want a single JSS file, action routing, JSON data passing, inheritance, layout separation and code organization? If so, you should try TiMVC, a small MVC for Titanium mobile.

Android Device Volume

3. Android Device Volume

The module controls the device’s volume based on Android AudioManager.


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