Meet Community Support Engineer – Anthony Decena

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Editors Note: This is a post that’s part of a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team.

Tell us who you are?

My name is Anthony Decena – Rockstar web developer, javascript ninja, and all around great guy from Las Vegas, NV. I’m just you’re average everyday evil genius with aspirations of world domination. I’m convinced that this can be done using nothing but a small Perl script.

What is your title at Appcelerator and what does it mean exactly?

I am a Community Support Engineer here at Appcelerator. It is my job to help the Titanium community of developers from around the world with their Titanium related development. This includes anything from core Javascript fundamentals to platform specific development as it relates to the Titanium platform.

There are a number of outlets I use to communicate with the community including email, the @appcelerator Twitter feed, the #titanium IRC channel,  and maybe most importantly, our Community Q&A. Beyond that, I am also afforded the opportunity to create and share example applications that showcase the capabilities of the Titanium platform. These applications are open sourced and the code is shared to help educate the developer community on all things Titanium.

Tell us about your Appcelerator history, when you joined etc?

I may be one of the newest members of the Developer Relations team, coming on board just over a month ago. However, I have been developing on the Titanium platform since its preview release over 2 years ago. Having been one of the first developers invited to use the platform and then later invited to join the Titans program, I was extremely excited when Appcelerator approached me and asked me if I would be interested in joining the team.

What do you love about your work at Appcelerator?

More than anything, I love working with other developers to help them push the bounds of what they thought their applications could do. The innovation and creativity of Titanium and it’s developers not only push the platform forward, but the mobile space as a whole.

What does it mean to work for Appcelerator?

For me, it means getting the opportunity to help developers and companies build and grow their businesses while simultaneously riding the bleeding edge of the mobile development industry. As a developer, business owner, and entrepreneur, I couldn’t really ask for much more.

What are you working on for Appcelerator?

Currently, I spend a good amount of time in our Community Q&A, but I am also working on some pretty cool demo and example apps that will showcase some of our newer iOS and Android modules.

What can we find in your laptop bag?

My laptop bag is my Swiss Army Knife and I am usually prepared for just about anything. You’ll find 2 MBPs (17″ and 15″), my iPad, an iPhone 3GS, an iPod Video(hard drive), my Nikkon, an 8GB Eye-Fi, a universal card reader, a number of thumb drives containing everything needed to start a mobile office from scratch, and a full range of cables and adapters (usb, firewire, video, etc).

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was ReWork by Jason Fried and David Hansson of 37Signals.

What is your favorite mobile device?

My iPhone4.

Any advice to new users of Titanium?

Know that before you can use Titanium to build the next great app that you must take the time to learn Javascript. The practices that we use in building Titanium apps are NOT Titanium best practices, they are Javascript best practices. The more comfortable you are with Javascript, the smoother your intro into Titanium will be.

Also, be sure to look before you leap. You can often find the answers to your questions with a simple search of the Q&A or quick Google search. Do a bit of research before asking the community for help. The community is much more apt to help with questions that haven’t been asked many times before and provide a complete picture of the issue at hand.

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