Meet Platform Evangelist – Aaron Saunders

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Editors Note: This is a post that’s part of a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team.

Tell us who you are?

My name is Aaron Saunders I am a Software Developer, that just could not get away from the code! I have a MBA have managed large development teams and large consulting engagements but in the end I just enjoy writing software. Over twenty years experience in Open Source Software Development, specifically J2EE, but jumped on the mobile bandwagon about 18 months ago.

What is your title at Appcelerator and what does it mean exactly?

To me it means that I am getting paid for what I have been doing for the last year.

When I started with Appcelerator I quickly became addicted to the QA Forums, answering questions became my way of reaching into t he scary places of the platform that I might not find on my own. All of the questions I answered or read helped me become a better mobile developer and provided me insights I would have never found on my own… I was able to help myself by helping others.

Tell us about your Appcelerator history, when you joined etc?

I haven’t started yet

What do you love about your work at Appcelerator?

The same thing that I love about what I do for a living; I started writing software when I was in 6th grade and I thought it was a fun hobby. All these years later, I am still doing my hobby and getting paid for it. Everyday I wake up to a potentially new challenge or new problem to solve using technology that is shaping the future for us all.

What does it mean to work for Appcelerator?

I haven’t started yet, will tell you in a later blog posting

What are you working on for Appcelerator?

Initially just doing what I am doing already, but I hope to get certified for training.

What can we find in your laptop bag?

In my bag you will find a 17in quad core i7 mbp and macbook air a iPhone4, iphone3Gs, ipod 32GB touch, iPad2 3G, blackberry Curve, DroidX, Alka Seltzer and a bunch of batteries and cables

What was the last book you read?

I must admit that I havent actually finished anybook in awhile, i jump around and read chapters, Linchpin by Seth Godin, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs are  the most recent

What is your favorite mobile device?


Any advice to new users of Titanium?

Be committed to  the platform, it may be a rough start to get use to the approach, but the benefits are well worth the initial adjustment. Also keep things in perspective, you are writing mobile applications in javascript!!! Not objective-C and not Java… come how can you not love that!!

Your contact information?

  • Blog:
  • Twitter: aaronksaunders
  • LinkedIn:
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  2. Hi Aaron,

    I am a mobile developer who just started building and developing apps using Appcelerator Titanium. It’s a pretty cool platform for mobile dev. Previously been an iOS developer, I found Appcelerator been much easier to build apps and also give the feature to deploy in Android as well. That’s awesome!!!!

    Thanks Aaron you are my inspiration!!!

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