Meet Platform Evangelist – Tony Lukasavage

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Editors Note: This is a post that’s part of a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team.

Tell us who you are?

My name is Tony Lukasavage and I’m a software engineer from Pittsburgh PA. I’m one of those few people who knew exactly what they wanted to do at a very young age and am lucky enough to be doing it today. When I’m not chasing my maniacal 2 year old daughter around, I live a pretty laid back life. There’s few things I can’t be convinced to do for Jack Daniel’s and/or a good steak.

What is your title at Appcelerator and what does it mean exactly?

My title at Appcelerator is “Platform Evangelist”. This means that I’m an ambassador for the platform. It’s my job to make sure that current and future Appcelerator developers have all the tools and information necessary to succeed. We achieve this by engaging the community and acting on its invaluable feedback.

Tell us about your Appcelerator history, when you joined etc?

Well the history should be brief… this is my first week on the job! That said, I’m no stranger to the platform or the people behind it. I’ve been working with Appcelerator and interacting with its community of mobile developers for months. The character and pure ability of Appcelerator’s team instantly made me want to become a part of it.

What do you love about your work at Appcelerator?

I love the fact that my work is so relevant and important right now. Mobile development and Javascript outside of the browser are two of the hottest topics in computer technology. What better opportunity could I possibly have than to work in an environment that embraces both as their core technologies? It’s an interesting and exciting time to be part of this team.

What does it mean to work for Appcelerator?

It means I am helping create the cutting edge of mobile development. We are not bystanders hoping to ride the wave of mobile’s popularity. We are actively increasing that popularity by providing a powerful, yet accessible platform to everyone. We are letting developers leverage existing knowledge of Javascript and helping them turn that into mobile development success.

It means measuring success not only in Appcelerator’s own triumphs, but also in those of its community of developers.

What are you working on for Appcelerator?

As I’ve just started I don’t have a lot on my plate yet, but that’s sure to change very soon. You can expect that I’ll be writing more blog posts, wiki articles, Q&A answers, sample code, and other informational material. I’m also constantly on Twitter engaging not just Appcelerator developers, but all of the mobile development community. A better understanding of how to improve Appcelerator will come not just from user feedback, but from being knowledgable about its alternatives as well.

In addition, I’ll soon be doing Appcelerator themed meetups in Pittsburgh. So if you’re in the area, let me know and I’ll keep you posted.

What can we find in your laptop bag?

My newly acquired MacBook Air 13″, my Droid X and iPod Touch along with their various cables, and my skull covered over-ear headphones for keeping interruptions to a minimum.

What was the last book you read?

“Javascript: The Good Parts.” Short tech books are the closest thing I have to reading for pleasure. Though I usually have a copy of “Walden” around if I need to relax.

What is your favorite mobile device?

I’m an Android man, and my Droid X has treated me very well. I am considering an upgrade. Perhaps an HTC this time.

Any advice to new users of Titanium?

Patience. Appcelerator is an entirely new way of looking at cross platform mobile development. It is extremely powerful and vast. Leaping in head first, while fun, won’t be likely to net you a quality, scalable app. I’d highly suggest watching the free on-demand online training courses to learn best practices and other useful coding techniques. It’s a modest investment in time that will pay off ten times over in the long run.

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