Meet Steve, Scott, Nina and David!

So far, this has been a big year for us at Appcelerator. Just in the past few weeks, we hit the milestone of 500,000 mobile developers, and were named the most visionary company in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms!

Given our record growth and the pace of innovation in the market, we’re building out our executive team to meet the growing demand for our mobile enterprise solutions. Today, I’d like to announce the addition of three new executives: Scott Davenport as Vice President of Sales Engineering, Steve Gross as Vice President of Strategic Alliances, and Nina Chang has been promoted to Vice President of Legal. We also recently announced the appointment of Brian Carr as our Chief Revenue Officer (read the press release and blog post) and David Satterwhite as Vice President of Worldwide Sales (read the press release here).

You can get all of the official (and impressive!) bios in our press release about Scott, Steve and Nina. But here is a bit more about each of them, as well as David, in their own words:

Why are you excited to be here?

SteveI’ve known and followed Appcelerator for a long time, and have continued to be impressed with its market leadership position, and the team behind the company. In companies of all sizes – from SMB to enterprise – there’s a huge shift occurring around apps. First, because of the cloud, we’re seeing new app development occurring at faster and faster rates, being driven in large part by LOB (line of business) demands for customer facing apps. Combined with the rapid rise of the smartphone and now tablets, app development in these companies is focusing more and more on mobile-based apps. And as we look forward to the ‘Internet of Things’ which will largely be based on mobile-type OS’s, the opportunity in front of Appcelerator is huge. Simply, this is the place to be right now.” –Steve


NinaI enjoy working with entrepreneurial thought leaders and seeing plans become inventions. I have purposely worked exclusively in the technology industry for my entire legal career, specializing in intellectual property.  I love the legal challenges that new and disruptive technology brings to bear.  I’m excited about Appcelerator because mobile is changing the world and Appcelerator is leading the way!” -Nina


“I believe Appcelerator has a great market opportunity ahead of it! The Appcelerator community is very unique in the industry.  Building a community of this size doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and the building of trust.  We have developers around the world that evangelize our platform by being a part of the community.  I also believe that the technology we are bringing to market is very unique and something that will enable developers to create high quality applications rapidly.  The platform also provides a robust set of analytics giving visibility to managers and executives that they never dreamed possible.” -Scott 




Appcelerator is solving a huge problem in a massive, global market. Also, I love the people and the culture!” -David




Scott, you touched on market opportunity. Can you elaborate?

Scott“Mobility in the enterprise has changed dramatically in the past couple of years and this rate of change will only increase.  Users in the Enterprise are now in the driver seat.  They have great app experiences on THEIR devices and they are demanding the same from their companies.  Enterprises today are still in a reactive mode to BYOD.  They know they need mobile applications to drive productivity with their end-users, but management and executives are flying blind with the apps they are developing today.  They have no way of determining how much, if any, productivity they are getting from these apps.  They need visibility to how, when and why their applications are succeeding or failing.  Today it is just a guessing game.” -Scott


Steve, tell us a highlight or two from your career.

Over my 25+ years in the software business, I’ve had a chance to participate in several major enterprise application technology shifts – from green screen to client/server to web apps and SaaS to cloud and now mobile. While each new technology generation brings us new opportunities and ways of thinking, there is also a lot to learn from the cycles of the past. Early in my career, I started to focus on strategic partnering and business development. While I’ve touched all aspects of partnering and channels over my career, my “sweet spot” has been around software and technology partnerships, including OEM, technology ecosystems, and M&A. I’ve helped build many start-ups via partnering, including my first company Software 2000/Infinium which I joined as employee #11 and eventually IPO’d, and most recently Engine Yard, an early cloud Platform-as-a-Service pioneer, as well as large companies such as Mercury Interactive, where we more than doubled our revenue in my time there to about $1 billion, before it was acquired by HP for over $5 billion.” -Steve


Tell us some fun facts about yourself and what you like to do outside of work.

In my free time I do a lot of gardening and try to travel internationally as much as possible.  I grow 30+ different varieties of dahlias in San Francisco and collect orchids.  I love to travel and learn about new cultures and cuisines.  I’ve been to 25 countries and can’t wait for my next adventure. Fun facts: I visited (supposedly) former head-hunters in Papua New Guinea, and I trekked in Madagascar to find lemurs.” –Nina

“My wife and I grew up in the bay area and still live within five or so miles of where we went to high school as well as the church where we were married.  A little known fact about me is that I was born in India while my parents spent a couple of years traveling around the world.  I enjoy exercise, singing/playing in the band at church, and spending time with my family.” -David

I once made a 33 on a single hole of golf and then when I was 16 shot a 33 on that entire 9 holes. Also, I have never seen a James Bond movie.” -Scott 

My wife and I raised 2 amazing girls who have been deeply involved in performing arts since an early age. Singing, playing musical instruments, acting and performing, dancing, and more. My older daughter is a theater major, now in New York stage managing off- and off-off Broadway shows, and my younger daughter is majoring in physics and minoring in dance. Because of our family’s art and performing art passion, in my spare time you might find me at live theater and music events, or on a bike ride, playing a little golf (poorly), or hanging out on a beach (north shore of Kauai ranks #1).” -Steve