Mobile SDK 1.2.0 and Titanium Developer 1.2 Released

Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.

We have pushed the Titanium Mobile 1.2.0 Release and Titanium Developer 1.2 tonight. This push ended up taking us a lot longer today because of the added iPad testing and some issues we found after testing on the iPad over today and over the weekend.

We have a lot of bug fixes and minor enhancements in this release. This is mainly a maintenance release, with the exception of iPad support. The Titanium Developer 1.2 release includes support for Community members for Tablet project support. In addition, the Mobile SDK 1.2.0 includes native iPad support for APIs such as popovers, split views and related changes to APIs.

You can find more details about the release from the changelog. We have also pushed updated 1.2 Documentation. You can download the latest Kitchen Sink for 1.2 from here.

At this point, we anticipate the next Community release (1.3.0) will be towards the end of May.