Mobile Web Needs Your Help

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Our mobile web platform development team, under the command of Appcelerator engineer and Dojo hacker Chris Barber, is working very hard to drive toward a robust mobile web release around the end of the year. As a part of planning the priorities and API design for that product, we’re collecting as much data as we can on browser feature support on mobile and desktop browsers.

What we could really use your help on is taking a minute our of your day to hit with any and all browsers at your disposal – mobile, desktop, tablet – if it’s got a browser, we’d like to collect data on it.

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Submitting the data is easy – just browse to that page, and hit the button at the top. Through the magic of Ajax, data will be collected about the feature support on your browser and sent to our database (completely anonymously). If you could take a moment to help us out in this exercise, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


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