myZings App Spotlight: The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell from Your Mobile Device

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Winner of an Active Titan mobile innovation award at CODESTRONG 2012, Titanium Titan Javier Rayon is revolutionizing the mobile marketplace with his creation of the myZings app. As Rayon explains, “Most web marketplaces require a lot of time to post an online listing. First you need to register with the site by filling out a web form. Then you need to upload your pictures to a PC for the posting. And finally you pay a posting fee. These steps can be greatly simplfied from a mobile device. As a regular user of these sites, I wanted to develop the simplest and easiest way to sell something on the web.”

And easy, myZings is: Users take a photo on their mobile device of the item they want to sell, which can then be posted within seconds. The app also leverages social networks to get the word out. The listing is shared on Facebook or via e-mail with other myZings users. myZings also offers a messsaging platform, so that the dialog between the buyer and seller is as simple as sending a text. Lastly, it provides a simple browsing capability to help users find nearby sales.

What makes myZings unique from other sites is twofold:

Firstly, users do not have to register to use the app. Instead, an anonymous account is created based on the unique device ID, which allows users to start buying and selling immediately. Rayon notes that this choice was based on his strong personal preference, adding “I hate it when an app requires me to register or link with my Facebook account to initially test it out.” Later, when the user is ready, they can then register their own username or link to their Facebook account.

Secondly, myZings is the only mobile marketplace (and maybe even the only non-mobile marketplace) that lets users tag their items and browse them by these keywords, simplifying the product classification and browsing. In the future, myZings plans to help users tag their items automatically.

As a Titanium Titan, it was a no-brainer for Rayon to choose to develop myZings on Titanium and Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS). He shares, “I decided to use ACS due to the tight integration with the Titanium SDK, as well as the fact that I have a firm trust in the Appcelerator products.” Some of the ACS services in use in myZings are custom objects, key values, photo upload/sharing, push notifications, social integration, and users.

To learn more, visit the myZings website. myZings is free to download and has no publication fees, ads, or commisions. Click here to download myZings for iPhone and click here to download myZings for Android.

Javier Rayon developed myZings at Criteria Studio in Valencia, Spain. Follow him on Twitter @jrayon to see what he comes up with next!