Native BlackBerry 10 Support Coming To Titanium

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Earlier today, Fearless Leader announced Appcelerator’s plans to support native application development for the BlackBerry 10.  Work is already underway to implement the Titanium JavaScript API on BlackBerry 10 devices using BlackBerry’s NDK.

Unlike previous versions of the BlackBerry OS, development tools will be available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users.  In a few hours, I will be demoing a very early version of this tooling integration within Titanium Studio.  The BlackBerry 10 simulator is a VMWare machine image, which runs on your machine via VMWare Fusion or the VMWare Player.  The Titanium build scripts interface with this virtual machine to deploy application updates.  The application its self is built using the BB 10 NDK tools, resulting in the same .bar application archive you’d get in the native development workflow.

We will be looking to share updates on our progress with the community ASAP, once we have a stable build. BB 10, by everything we have seen here at BlackBerry World 2012, looks to be a very strong entry into the competitive mobile OS market. To Appcelerator and our developer community, it underscores the importance of maintaining cross-platform agility, while still taking advantage of rich native platform features – the mobile platform war is far from over. We look forward to helping all our developers succeed on BlackBerry 10!


  1. Hello All,

    On the same lines asking for a bit extra, is windows mango OS for mobile on the wish list of appcelerator? ;}

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