New API Reference Guides

Gold triangle pattern background, 3d rendering

We’ve published the first in a series of API Reference Guides — this first guide covers TableViews for Titanium Mobile. There will be many more guides coming over the next weeks and months. (A Database API Reference Guide will be published later this week.)

Our goal for these guides is to provide comprehensive documentation that will help developers. Each guide includes sample code that illustrates how to use the APIs. We’re trying to keep these code samples short and straightforward, to make it as easy as possible to learn each area of Titanium.

In most cases, the code sample will be a single file that replaces your app.js source file. That keeps things simple — please let us know how you like the concept.

Please let us know how these guides are working for you, and what other information you’d like us to include.


  1. @Mausidrive – Gr8! Any chance of getting a plain PDF in that same format?

    Something I think Appcelerator should’ve provided a long time ago…


  2. @Mausidrive, GREAT work !

    @appcelerator, I think you should go with HTML version of the docs, eventually a pdf version. Put the Revision History at the beginning and add the API version documented.

  3. Hi Dave, this is exactly the detail I was looking for. Can you please add API reference guides for maps, database (HTTPClient) as well as the camera. Can you also discuss in examples related to Android? I feel like things work very well on the iPhone but when you are doing the same thing on the Android i.e. maps, a new level of difficulty ie. you need to generate a key and add parameters to tiapp.xml. An in depth discussion as to how tiapp.xml is translated to the android manifest would be great – as well as what parameters from the Android side need to be added to get things like geolocation to work.

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