New Partner: uTest – How Does Your Android App Measure Up?

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As far as mobile development goes we truly see it all at Appcelerator, and one thing we have is an insider’s view into how different and fragmented mobile OSes are – in particular Android. 

There’s a reason for this. 

In explosive and relatively nascent markets, such as mobile apps, smartphones, and tablets, you often get widespread fragmentation as vendors ‘pile on’, grabbing for market share where they can get it. It’s an order of magnitude (or three!) more complex with Android. Here’s what it looks like to develop and QA for Android

With the Android OS fragmentation so prevalent and problematic, we worked quickly and carefully to offer an integrated solution to address the issue of testing and QA. I couldn’t be happier to have uTest, one of the top testing and benchmarking services out there, as our first strategic partner in this key category!

Boston-based uTest has been providing app testing services for as long as Appcelerator has been helping developers build better mobile apps. uTest is offering a terrific initial integration for Titanium customers – here are a few of the key highlights for the newly launched AppGrader module for Titanium:

  • Titanium environment integration to enable testing across multiple devices, OS versions, and carriers

  • Benchmark performance against the top competitors in your app’s category 

  • Complete diagnostic information and reporting to help debug app crashes, hangs, or failures

 The uTest team did a great job with the announcement, and you can get even more information from their blog post and the press release. Or better yet, for you Android developers, go give it a test drive now and see how your app measures up (and yes, AppGrader for iOS coming soon)! 

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with this passionate bunch in launching AppGrader for Android, and we’re just getting started…