New Universal Search on Dev Center

Copy space. New arrows painted on asphalt. Direction future.

Appcelerator has a lot of content out there, from our wiki to the dev blog to our Q&A. To help make this growing data set more useful, we’ve deployed a universal search solution to Version 1.0 of our universal site search leverages Apache Lucene and Solr to search across content in the developer blog, wiki, and Q&A sites. We think the search results from this solution are turning out much better, and will continue to improve it over time.

Right now, search is not universally integrated across our developer center web site, but we’re working on this and other design modifications to help boost the usefulness of dev center over the next month. Our next immediate goals with search are to provide advanced searching syntax to specifically target the content you’re looking for, as well as integrating search in a uniform way across every page in dev center. Let us know what you think of search, and stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Can I sort the results by date published?

    I don’t like getting 1 year old results at the top. It is like if no one has ever asked or answer anything since last year.

  2. I think the results really need dates next to them.

    There’s not enough context.

    Also, as already mentioned, we need the basic filters.

  3. Other context besides dates you would include? I can enter a ticket against search internally with more desired data in the results.

  4. Apart from date, number of answers and votes would be useful for the Q+A results.

    Would really like to filter out the unanswered 1 year old posts from the results.

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