Nooku Desktop, Web meets Desktop

3d abstract architecture background

As we move to a new era dominated by web apps instead of web sites web applications are moving out of the browser and onto the desktop. On top of that, tablets and other mobile devices are changing our world and the way we build web applications.

A new era is upon us requiring new technologies and a different approach to building web applications. With Nooku Desktop, the Nooku team have taken a first step towards making that happen.

Free your apps from the browser

Nooku Desktop is a cross-platform desktop application that lets you easily manage your Nooku Server sites with a simple and easy to use interface.

Nooku Desktop is joining the Nooku Platform empowering developers to create multi-site web applications and making them available as a native desktop application requiring nothing more than existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP.

What’s under the hood?

Nooku Desktop is built on Appcelerator Titanium Desktop, and bundles in the latest version of WebKit, giving you access to all the latest capabilities in HTML5 & CSS3. You can add custom animations, 3D effects, or build a killer User Interface (UI) without cross-browser issues.

Nooku Desktop uses WebKit as browser engine, making the experience responsive and sexy with minimum bandwidth, RAM and CPU.

Give it a spin

Test Nooku Desktop today! The Nooku team has setup a demo site at This site will be updated regularly during the development of Nooku 0.7. At the moment it’s running Nooku Server 0.7 alpha 2.

When you install Nooku Desktop, it adds a default connection to the demo site and automatically logs you in.

So go give it a spin and let the Nooku team know how you like it.