Open-Sourced Modules on the Appcelerator Marketplace

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Open source software is a core part of the Titanium product, with both the SDK and Alloy available in this manner. Today we have a thriving community of over 425,000 developers, many of which are actively contributing to the software. It’s on this topic that I’m pleased to announce two major updates regarding the Appcelerator Marketplace Modules.

1.Open-sourcing of 24 Appcelerator Marketplace Modules

Effective immediately, we have open sourced the following 24 Appcelerator modules:
Admob, Airprint, Barcode Scanner (Appcelerator created),, Box2D, Bump, Canvas, Charts, Columns, Compression, GetGlue, ImageFactory , JIRA Connect, OpenShift Module for Titanium Studio, Page Flip, Paint, PayPal, Quick Look, SoundSampler, Styled Label, TiPHP, TiPython, and/or Urban Airship (Appcelerator created)

This will allow members of the community the ability to contribute, improve and advance these modules – just as you can with Titanium SDK and Alloy.

These modules will continue to be accessible through the Appcelerator Marketplace (with a link to the open source code) and you will still be informed when updates are available. The only difference is that both the development community, as well as Appcelerator’s internal developers, will be able to provide enhancements to these modules.

If you are currently paying a monthly or annual fee for any of the above-mentioned modules, moving forward you will no longer be charged.

2. Publishing of Open-source Modules on the Appcelerator Marketplace

I am also pleased to announce that module developers can now officially publish their own open sourced modules in the Appcelerator Marketplace.

We did this in response to feedback from many of you who specifically requested to publish your own open source modules in the marketplace. This allows users of the module and the community at large to make changes and improvements to the code without the need to always go through the original developer.

Publishing your open source module is easy. Simply create a storefront (i.e. module page) in the marketplace, and tag it as open source.

Even if your code is stored in GitHub or another external repository it can be listed and found in the Appcelerator Marketplace and will show up as part of any standard search. We want to ensure that the Appcelerator Marketplace is the single place for all Appcelerator extensions, so we will strive to continue to improve this experience.

We are very excited about these two announcements and we remain committed to our mobile developers as well as the open source community. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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