Platform Engineering transitioning to JIRA for Issue tracking

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Hello Titanium Developers,

Today the Platform Engineering team is moving the tracking of our projects from Lighthouse to JIRA.

Impact to external developers

During our migration:

  • Lighthouse (LH) projects (Ti Mobile, Ti Desktop) are Archived as you read this, in order to ensure a quality migration.
  • We are planning to go-live with JIRA tomorrow, Friday morning 4/15/11 at or before 7am PDT.

During our transition period post-migration:

We are working through new workflows and processes in the following days and weeks.

How do I report Defects and Features?

  • For Defect and Feature submissions on the Titanium Mobile and Titanium Desktop projects let’s follow the feedback process we have in place for Titanium Release Candidates and GA.
    • Customers, please use HelpDesk as per normal workflow and our Customer Engineering group will report issues to JIRA.
    • Community developers, please use Q&A forums to report issues Community staff will report Issues to JIRA

Can I access the new JIRA Projects?

Yes, as of tomorrow morning any developers can sign up and login at:

  • Click on Projects
  • Choose Titanium Mobile or Titanium Desktop
  • You can click on Issues on Left Hand side to browse various views
  • You can click on the Issues tab and Choose Search For Issues.

Are there Restrictions?

  • Currently all developers can login and view  Issues on the Ti Mobile or Ti Desktop Projects.
  • Also all developers can comment on Issues, we welcome your feedback.
  • During this period of workflow, tools and process investigation, developers cannot create new issues in these projects  however they can add Comments.

Going Forward

The JIRA tracking system will help us continue to achieve, measure and improve our progress toward predictable, time-based, quality releases.

We value your feedback and our goal is to delight our customers by solving issues that are pertinent to their issues and needs. We’ll working to find the best processes and tools to incorporate your issues, ideas, and code into this product which is evolving with your help.

Code Strong!

The Appcelerator Team


  1. Why should anyone report defects and features? Most tickets in LH have state new after months or years reported. It seems that Appcelerator not interested in reading bugs reported by the community.

  2. Oh, the irony! ;p Need to report bug on Jira here:

    Can’t sign up or log in.
    First, sign up was rejected do to capitalisation of ‘Kosso’ for username.
    After changing to lowercase, am told that a user called ‘kosso’ already exists.

    Tried all possible login permutations from dev site, Ti Dev and Lighthouse.

    .. no dice.

    Tried ‘Cant access your account’ option :
    1. password : entered username. Am told to await email.
    – Never came.

    2. username : entered email address. Am told no such user with that email exists.
    – Tried any other possible emails in vain.

    Tried log in again:
    ‘usual’ user/pass combo eventually presents me with a Captcha.
    – Correct entries send me in a loop.

    – Give up.

    Is there a Jira for Jira? ;p

  3. I can login to jira but I see nothing, only a very limited dashboard.
    There is no link to “Projects”
    I have a link to “Issues” but no matter what I try the result set is empty.

  4. Hu guys,

    I can login to jira but I am not able to submit an issue for the Titanium Desktop project. Clicking on “Create an issue” displays a combo with the list of project but “Titanium Desktop” is not present.

  5. I would ask the community to please be patient as we are spending some time to tune the workflow and customize JIRA.

    Note that we are on a quick engineering cycle and every release contains fixes for many issues reported externally.

    @Mario – This is what we are trying to fix. Bear with us as we work out a way for community to submit issues, in the days and weeks ahead. We want and value Community input so stay tuned.

    @kosso – Yes, sorry The problem is your LH username was migrated, however we don’t have your email I guess so the password reset doesn’t get back to you. Please create a new username until we fix this. (soon).

    @Dan – The Dashboard may seem limited, but there is a Projects tab, select Titanium Mobile or Desktop. That should open things up. You can use the canned views (filters) or you can click on the Issue tab to search anything. We hope to create some use-case documentation to show how to do teh basics.

    @Fabrizio – That is as designed. See my response to Mario. We will be allowing the community a means to input issues, but not directly in the Platform Engineering projects. That was a failure in Lighthouse.

    This time we need to be able to have a group own the holistic view and map reported issues to new and existing defects and features.

    Thanks and stay tuned,


  6. Jira does not work for me. My LH account exists in Jira and all my bugs reported by me in LH are assigned to this account but I can’t login or resend me a new password. Is there a bug tracker for your bug tracker?

  7. Nooooo not Jira! Sorry – I really hate it…its a terrible piece of software…think of it as the Joomla of the bugtracking world…overhyped, over engineered and a pain in the ass for the end user!

    What’s wrong with good ol’ Redmine or another well known open source system? 🙁

  8. Is there anything you can do about redirecting links for issues in the old Lighthouse tracker to the migrated issues in new Jira one?

    Also, could you allow access to the archived Lighthouse bug reports? Right now they are not publicly available.

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