Please hold off updating to Node.js v0.10 just yet

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Node.js is an important foundational tool of our development stack. Version 0.10 of Node.js, released today, incorporates breaking changes that affect our command-line tooling and thus prevent Titanium developers from building and deploying applications.

We are investigating these changes and are tracking fixes to them as part of TIMOB-13025. As a result, we caution you not to update to this latest version of Node.js until we have been able to make the appropriate fixes, likely as part of SDK 3.1.0. We will update this ticket with additional information or workarounds, so please follow along there.


  1. Are you kidding me with this? So now I have to hold off on any of my command line tool upgrades JUST so that Titanium doesn’t break! Probably time to look for alternatives.

    • @Terrence, when we are planning our updates, we are planning on making them backwards compatible with Node.js v0.8. Are the tools you are using forgoing any backwards compatibility?

  2. @Terrence: As a professional developer, I would advise you to always wait before doing any upgrade in any tool in your development workflow. If you are using Node.js for anything more complex than a Hello World app, you should do that too. How come you are just going to upgrade before checking if express, hook-io, or whatever node.js module still works. Where have you been?

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  4. NVM allows you to support multiple node configurations.

    My Ti node uses a different version than my backend configuration.

  5. What’s the state? We’re building with Titanium and Node in parallel, more specifically: we’re doing Titanium projects and huge backend projects. I cannot afford to work on a different Mac just because Titanium is not working with Node 0.10.. fix this asap. AFAIK we can do this with a 3.1.0 nightly, but please push a stable SDK ASAP with Node 0.10 support! Thanks.

  6. I can’t believe all the problem that this has caused me…this really sucks.. issues like this one makes me re-evaluate why the heck i’m using titanium when I can be using xcode..this really sucks ,.. and still no solution yet . this majorly sucks

    • @mark. Apologies, but I don’t understand. This was addressed in the 3.1.0 version several months ago. What issues are you running into?

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