Please Review ListView Phase 2 specification

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Last month as part of our 3.1.0 release we introduced a new, faster version of TableView called ListView. As a refresher, it has several key features:

  • Data-oriented vs view-oriented architecture
  • A separate module. Does not replace the existing TableView so you can migrate on your schedule
  • Extremely performant

We’re now working on phase 2 of that implementation. Please review the specification and add your comments by EOD 5/15 (Next Wednesday).



  1. It’s very important that we get a scroll event, so we can fetch more rows from the database or from the server when the user scrolls down and is about to reach the end of the list.

  2. There has been a list with a Tile Layout (or a Grid Layout) that I’ve been trying to achieve. Would it be possible to develop such an app with this ListView?

    I’ve tried doing my own with the traditional TableView by placing multiple items in the same row (has issues when selecting a specific Row and Item).

    Just wondering.

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