Please Review ListView Proposal

Digital Network Architecture. Abstract technology. New York

We consider it very important to involve you, the community, in large architecture discussions. For some time we have been aching to do a refresh on the TableView component, and we are tackling this with a new API (a ListView) designed primarily around the concept of performance. It has several key features:

  • Data-oriented vs view-oriented architecture
  • A separate module. Does not replace the existing TableView so you can migrate on your schedule
  • Extremely performant

There will be some work to convert from the old to new style of usage, but it is our goal to make that transition relatively simple.

Please review the specification and add your comments by EOD 2/11 (Next Monday). In particular, pay attention to the items marked V1 or V2 and make sure that items you consider critical are in V1. It is very important we get that division correct.



  1. Are you going to fix Tableview or are you giving up on it? Is there something wrong with the existing API?

  2. The current view-centric API of tableview places inherent limits on ultimate performance, which is why we utilize a new API.