PunchTab: Agile Mobile Development with Titanium

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Ranjith Kumaran of PunchTab, a solution for turn-key loyalty programs for blogs and small businesses.

I started PunchTab earlier this year with my co-founder, Mehdi Ait Oufkir because we believed that there was a significant market for an instant, easy-to-use loyalty rewards platform like we always wanted in our previous companies.  We brought with us a lot of lessons learned from the first company I started, YouSendIt; a lot of the learnings revolve around putting together a team of athletes and product methodologies that can roll with the punches. This is how we came to adopt Titanium at PunchTab.

When we launched the private beta of our service in the spring it did one thing: get a loyalty program complete with signup, currency, earning opportunities and catalog management into as many hands as possible.  Out of the gate, we had hundreds of site-owners and publishers signing up and spreading the word.  We quickly got dragged into new use cases, one of which was to extend our services into mobile applications and location-based services.

So there we were, with our only mobile developer busy creating infrastructure for future services and all sorts of opportunity for applications that run on iOS and Android. Luckily we’d just met the folks at Appcelerator and it became clear that anybody from our team could easily get going with our first location-based solution: PunchTab Local, an app that allows small businesses to leverage the social graph to build awareness about in-store promotions. Within weeks we were field-testing and signing up local merchants to participate in our launch. Shortly thereafter PunchTab Local was launched to the public and we had hundreds of downloads in the first few days and drew the attention of small businesses all around the world.

Going forward we’re going to be repackaging all the lessons learned to allow any Titanium developer to integrate location-based mobile and social incentives, rewards, and loyalty programs into any application on any platform.  Without the rapid iterations that we were able to make using Titanium, this opportunity may well have passed us by.

Ranjith Kumaran is the Founder of PunchTab and previously co-founded YouSendIt.com where he led product development, raised money and acquired a couple of companies. He plans to do more of the same at PunchTab.  Ranjith can be reached at ranjith@punchtab.com.