RC Release of Titanium SDK 7.0.2 & CLI 7.0.2

RC Release

Today, we published Release Candidate versions of Axway Titanium SDK and Axway Appcelerator CLI. This is a patch release with 4 improvements and 29 bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes:

Update Axway Appcelerator CLI

To update the CLI core from the command line:

appc use 7.0.2-6

To roll the CLI core back:

appc use latest

Update Axway Titanium SDK

To update the SDK from the command line:

[appc] ti sdk install --branch 7_0_X -d

To roll back:

[appc] ti sdk select latest

Report bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the updates, please report them on JIRA.

First, check if it’s a known issue you can watch. If you can’t find an existing ticket, then create one in the
Appcelerator Community (AC) project and add as much relevant information as you can, including the release version you are using.

You can leave general comments as a reply to this blog post.


  1. While I really appreciate the work, something major changed with SDK 7.x.x. Now when doing multiple uploads they do not get cleared from ram on iOS 11 when they are completed or aborted. This can cause a very high amount of ram usage very quickly and crash the app.

    This DID NOT happen with TI SDK 6.3.0. With that it would clear the ram used for the upload right after it was finished or aborted.

    I really hope this can get fixed.

    • Hi Donovan – thanks for the comment. Can you please log a JIRA ticket (follow instructions at the end of the blog) with what you are seeing? Thanks!

      • Erin,

        I have opened a JIRA ticket for a very similar issue. I have not be able to make an example just yet on the multi upload at once to recreate the issue exactly. But this ticket covers the basics of the issue I am having with ram not being cleared.


        I don’t get why it can’t just do the upload from storage with out putting the file into ram. It seems so inefficient to do so because the file eats like 3x the amount of ram of the file size it self.

  2. Split View/iOS Multi-Tasking has stopped working for me since 6.3.0. Were there any changes I missed that are required to enable it?

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