Reminder: Tuesday Live Webinars

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As a reminder to everyone out in the community, every Tuesday the developer relations team will be hosting live webinar events. The topic will alternate every week between content for new developers and content for developers who have been using Titanium for a while. Our webinar topics are:

Titanium For New Developers

Titanium For New Developers is a high-level overview of the Titanium platform for both dekstop and mobile. Through code examples and project walkthroughs using Titanium Studio, we try to give developers a sense of what it’s like to develop applications on the Titanium platform, and provide resources for continuing their Titanium education.

Titanium Office Hours

This informal webinar series is a live Q&A and troubleshooting session. Come with questions you’ve run into while working with Titanium, and we’ll do our best as a team to break off and answer everyone’s questions.

Today, we’re offering Titanium Office Hours – we’d love to have you stop by and join us!


  1. Are office hours held regularly? If yes, will you please post the link for registration? The link for the Oct 11 session that’s in your marketing emails does not work.

    Thank you.

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