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Hey everybody!  Last week (and this weekend) we did a number of presentations/webinars on cool applications being built on Titanium both by our community and by us (in the form of sample code and demos).  I thought I might take a minute to jot down some of the applications built on Titanium that you’ll want to check out.  The following Titanium apps just dropped on the Apple App Store, which we think are pretty cool:

  • Bud Light High Five League
  • MTV Jersey Shore Yourself

Source code isn’t available for either, but they’re good examples of what our developers can do with Titanium.  Another app to keep an eye out for is Sugar CRM’s new iPad application, powered by Titanium (press release).  In addition to these apps, we were recently blown away by an iPad controlled blimp, which used Titanium to create a socket connection to a small dirigible which is controlled by device gestures on the iPad.  Check out the video below:

We’ve also got a number of open-source mobile demo applications you’ll want to check out for both sample code and inspiration:

Our community and partners have lots of exciting projects in development on the desktop site as well – we’d tell you about them, but they’re so awesome and recognizable that they remain top secret until they get closer to completion.  In terms of sample code on the desktop side, there are a number of resources available to you:

Hopefully, these examples will keep you busy for a few hours 😉 – have you written an open-source or example Titanium app that others in the community might find interesting?  Let us know in the comments.


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