Secant App Spotlight – Home Automation Control Using ACS

Fresk leaves invoking a happy mood.

When we talk about next-generation mobile apps, we infer a certain amount of practical utility and value realization. Sure, first generation apps like Angry Birds and Words with Friends kept us entertained, but their functional value is questionable. The Secant Home Automation app, however, is about as next-generation as it gets.

Developed by Underlabs in Montreal, Canada, this app lets homeowners with the Secant CARDIO home automation system control all aspects of their house, including lights, appliances, curtains, heating and air conditioning, and the alarm system. Using Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) as the underlying middleware, the Secam system allows homeowners to now control these entities securely from any location – whether at work, on the road or on the sofa in front of the TV.

The Secant Home Automation app is available on multiple platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, BlackBerry and desktop. Feedback to date on the app has been extremely positive and marketing activities are in play to deliver it to 20,000 homes.

Joseph Zibara, of Underlabs notes, “We evaluated numerous other MBaaS offerings before standardizing on Appcelerator Cloud Services. No other solution had either the breadth of services available, nor the ease of use in building secure connected apps. With the Appcelerator solution we can build cross-platform apps significantly faster than any other environment, which makes us much more competitive.

This innovative use-case of ACS leverages several of the pre-built MBaaS services including custom objects, key values, users and email templates. Commands issued by the user from the mobile app are sent to the ACS system. Hardware in the wall-mounted (and internet-connected) controllers poll the ACS system with its unique credentials to securely retrieve the commands which are then acted upon in the house. 

To learn more about the Secant Home Automation system click here. Customers can download the iOS app here, the Android app here and the BlackBerry app here.

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