The Five Mobile Metrics No Company Should Be Without

It’s been fifteen years since B. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore first coined the term “Experience Economy” – their name for a world in which businesses, facing the commodification of almost every kind of good or service, would be driven to offering superior “experiences” as the only means of differentiation. Today we’ve arrived at this world, or something very close to it: one where apps vie for attention through the elegance of their design, and where users decide corporate fortunes with the swipe of a finger. Call it the “User Experience” Economy.

Strangely, most companies are trusting their fate in this Experience Economy to user feedback. The problems with this approach – it skews to polarities, capturing the sentiments only of the most thrilled or disenchanted; it’s a lagging indicator, leaving companies little time to correct problems before users move on – seem evident. But what’s the alternative?

In fact, winning the experience-driven mobile economy requires a new breed of analytics, one that harvests leading indicators of user experience to drive business investment. In this contributed piece for TNW, I share what we see as at the five mobile metrics no company should be without.