Theming Apps with Titanium Alloy is as Simple as 1-2-3

Stop me if you’ve come across this before.

A new client comes knocking on your door, looking for help to develop a specific app. You’ve built this app before (many times, actually) and have the codebase on hand. The problem, though, is that you need to apply unique theming or branding for your new customers. Revising all of that code can be a real hassle—but it doesn’t have to be.

With Titanium Alloy, you can personalize apps for separate clients in a matter of minutes. In the demo below, Axway Developer Evangelist Jason Kneen demonstrates how to use Titanium Alloy to apply new themes to existing apps without changing the codebase.

In the video, Jason will show you how to:

  • Duplicate your core app framework with default branding to make changes easily
  • Reboot your app with new themes, including everything from colors and fonts to brand logos and other unique styling
  • Input specific overrides and more enhanced theming

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And as always, code strong!


  1. Hi,
    I’ve been used this a lot, but sadly the last releases of appc cli automatically adds :
    “theme: cli.argv[‘theme’] ? cli.argv[‘theme’] : null,” in the plugins/ti.alloy/hooks/alloy.js file on every builds.
    This line deactivate the theme.

    An issue has been send at but it still doesn’t work, even with appc CLI 7.0.9.

    if anyone got a solution, I’ll take it!

    Code Strong.

    • Hi Jul, that is a known issue! It is resolved in the next version (which you could install if you check the blogpost for the RC release) or you could roll back to 7.0.7 (CLI appc use 7.0.7).

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